• David Kang

    Head of Japan and Korea Research, Bloomberg NEF

    “Future of Global PV Market”

  • Chul Joo Hwang

    CEO, Jusung Engineering

    “Market Strategy of Global PV Enterprise”

  • Evan Woolard

    Head of Renewables APAC, DNV

    “Global Trends of PV System ”

  • Woosik Jung

    Vice President, KOPIA

    “Domestic policy and market trend of PV”

  • Dae Seong Kim

    Head of Department, Korea Rural Community Corporation

    “Local Floating Solar Model and its Effectiveness”

  • Kyu Hyung Kim

    Head of Department, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

    “Cases of Floating Solar Business”

  • Takeshi Magami

    Director, Chiba Ecological Energy Inc.

    “Trends in Japan's Agrivoltaics Market and policy directions”

  • Max Trommsdorff

    Group leader, Fraunhofer ISE

    “Definitions, Classifications, and Standards of Agrivoltaics: Overview and Insights with a focus on Germany”

  • Hyde Chang

    Section Chief, MYFARM Inc.

    “Solar-sharing technology and agricultural production in Japan”

  • Byron Kominek

    Owner & Manager, Jack's Solar Garden

    “Jack's Solar Garden”

  • Takashi Oozeki

    Team Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

    “Design Guidelines for Solar Sharing in Japan”

  • Andreas Schweiger

    Professor (tenure-track), University of Hohenheim

    “Analysis of the impact on agriculture through the German Agrivoltaics demonstration case.”

  • Ja Woo Koo

    Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

    “Global Agricultural Research Data Innovation Acceleration Network”

  • Min Seok Kang

    Director, National Center for Agro Meteorology

    “Establishment of Micrometeorological Observing System under an Agrivoltaic System”

  • Kwang Su Kim

    Professor, Seoul Univ.

    “Development of a System to Perform Gridded Crop Growth Simulations under Agrivoltaics”

  • Sangho Lee

    Professor, Yeungam Univ.

    “Economic Analysis for Agro Photovoltaics Power Generation by Crop”

  • Chandra Mouli

    APAC Business Development Manager, REC Solar

    “Heterojunction Technology in BIPV”

  • Veronica Shabunko

    Head of BIPV Centre of Competence, SERIS

    “Global Market Trends of Urban Solar”

  • Ralf B. Wehrspohn

    Professor, University of Halle

    “Europe Market Trends of Urban Solar:The New European Bauhaus Initiative”

  • Jinhan Ahn

    Team Leader, Korea Energy Agency

    “Policy and Support Project Status of Urban Solar”

  • Cheol Kim

    Principal Researcher, Seoul Energy Corporation

    “BIPV Invigoration for Carbon neutrality”

  • Kyujin Kim

    Director, Korea Conformity Laboratories

    “Cases and Market Trends of BIPV”

  • Merklein Hans-Peter

    Managing Director, ENVELON

    “The vertical energy transition - turning building envelopes ON”

  • Frederic Clauss

    COO, Solaxess SA

    “Bring color to your buildings and aim for energy autonomy”

  • Karthik Pillai

    Manager, AGC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    “Wide Range BIPV Solutions for Building Envelope”

  • Gi Sung LEE

    Senior Manager, AVANCIS Korea

    “The most suitable BIPV solar module: SKALA®”

  • Tjerk Reijenga

    Principal & Chief Architect, BEAR-iD

    “BIPV in Architecture”

  • Astrid Schneider

    Architect, Solar Architecture

    “Architecture with BIPV European experience”

  • Karin Kappel

    Architect, Solar City Denmark

    “Architecture with BIPV Denmark Experience”

  • Eric Langenskiöld

    Senior Expert Photovoltaik, Basel & Hofmann AG

    “BIPV - Façade Design Possibilities and Practical Experience”

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