Day 1 – April 13th, 2022 (Wed) / Room #325, EXCO

Session I – Global PV Market Trends and Outlook

Moderator : Chinho Park, Vice Chancellor Of Korea Institute Of Energy Technology
10:30~10:34 [Opening address]
Jae Hak Jung (Head of the Organizing Committee- PVMI)
10:34~10:37 [Congratulatory speech]
Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs
10:37~10:40 [Congratulatory speech]
Jae-Joon Lee (Head of the KPVS)
10:40~11:00 [Keynote Address]
Future of Global PV Market

David Kang (Head of Japan and Korea Research, Bloomberg NEF)
11:00~11:15 [Global PV Enterprise Special Session]
Market Strategy of Global PV Enterprise

Chul Joo Hwang (CEO, Jusung Engineering)
11:15~11:30 [Market Insight]
Global Trends of PV System

Evan Woolard (Head of Section – Solar, DNV)
11:30~12:00 [Panel Discussions]
12:00~13:30 Networking Break & Exhibition Visit (Int’l Green Energy EXPO)

SESSION II – Policy and Investment Trends of PV Industry in Korea

Woo Kyung Kim (Professor, Yeungnam Univ.)
13:30~13:35 Session Opening
Woo Kyung Kim (Professor, Yeungnam Univ.)
13:35~13:55 PV R&D Roadmap and Task for Carbon Neutral
Seung Yeop Myong (PV PD, KETEP)
13:55~14:15 Domestic policy and market trend of PV
Woosik Jung (Vice President, KOPIA)


Value Chain/Investment Trends of Photovoltaics Industry
Jung Hwa Kang (Researcher, Korea Exim bank)


Networking Break

SESSION III – Market Trends and Outlook of Floating Solar

Moderator : Chang-sub Won, Professor of KonKuk Univ.
15:50~15:55 Session Opening
Chang-sub Won (Professor, Konkuk Univ.)
15:55~16:15 Local Floating Solar Model and its Effectiveness
Dae Seong Kim (Head of Department, Korea Rural Community Corporation)
16:15~16:35 Policy trends of Floating Solar
Bong Keun Oh (Director, K-water)
16:35~16:55 Cases of Floating Solar Business
Kyu Hyung Kim (Head of Department, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.)
16:55~17:25 Discussion / Q&A
17:25~17:30 Closing Remarks

Day 1 – April 13th, 2022 (Wed) / Room #324, EXCO

PVMI - Agrivoltaics Symposium

SESSION IV – Global Agrivoltaics Policy

Moderator : Soo Young Oh, Professor of Yeungnam Univ.
11:00~11:20 Agrivoltaics Status of Korea – Focusing on Policy
Sung Woo Choi (Director, Korea Energy Agency)
11:20~11:40 Trends in Japan's Agrivoltaics Market and policy directions
Takeshi Magami (Representative Director, Chiba Ecological Energy Inc.)
11:40~12:00 Definitions, Classifications, and Standards of Agrivoltaics: Overview and Insights with a focus on Germany
Max Trommsdorff (Group leader, Fraunhofer ISE)

SESSION V – Trends of Global Agrivoltaics Market

Moderator : Cheolhyun Lim, Researcher of Green Energy Institute
13:30~13:50 Market Trends of Agirvoltaics in Korea
Jae Woo Nam (Director, Korea Agrivoltaics Association)
13:50~14:10 Solar-sharing technology and agricultural production in Japan
Hyde Chang (Section Chief, MYFARM Inc.)
14:10~14:30 The Country Overview of Agrivoltaics in China
Jijiang He (Executive deputy director, institute of Energy Transformation and Social Development, Tsinghua University)
14:30~14:55 Q&A / Networking Break

SESSION VI – Demonstration Status of Global Agrivoltaics

Moderator : Jae Woo Nam, Director of Korea Agrivoltaics Association
14:55~15:15 Standardization Task and Demonstration Status of Agrivoltaics in Korea
Jae Hak Jung (Professor, Yeungam Univ.)
15:15~15:30 Jack's Solar Garden
Byron Kominek (Owner & Manager, Jack's Solar Garden)
15:30~15:45 Design Guidelines for Solar Sharing in Japan
Takashi Oozeki (Team Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
15:45~16:00 Analysis of the impact on agriculture through the German Agrivoltaics demonstration case.
Andreas Schweiger (Professor, University of Hohenheim)
16:00~16:25 Networking Break

SESSION VII – Future Technology for Agrivoltaics

Moderator : Gwang Su Kim, Professor of Seoul Univ.
16:25~16:45 Assessing the Impact of Shading by Solar Panels on Evapotranspiration
Ulrike Feistel (Professor, University of Applied Sciences Dresden)
16:45~17:00 Global Agricultural Research Data Innovation Acceleration Network
Ja Woo Koo (Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute)
17:00~17:15 Establishment of Micrometeorological Observing System under an Agrivoltaic System
Min Seok Kang (Director, National Center for Agro Meteorology)
17:15~17:30 Development of a system to perform gridded crop growth simulations under agrivoltaics
Kwang Su Kim (Professor, Seoul Univ.)
17:30~17:45 Economic Analysis for Agro Photovoltaics Power Generation by Crop
Sangho Lee (Professor, Yeungam Univ.)
17:45 Closing Remarks

Day 2 – April 14th, 2022 (Thu) / Room #325, EXCO

PVMI 2022 DAY 2 : Urban Solar/BIPV

SESSION VIII – Policy and Market Trends of Urban Solar/BIPV

Moderator : Jihye Gwak, Director of Renewable Energy Institute, Korea Institute of Energy Research

Day 2 Opening address
Jihye Gwak (Director of Renewable Energy Institute, Korea Institute of Energy Research)

[Keynote Speech II]
Heterojunction Technology in BIPV

Chandra Mouli (APAC Business Development Manager, REC Solar)

Global Market Trends of Urban Solar
Veronika Shabunko (Head of BIPV Centre of Competence, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore(SERIS))

Europe Market Trends of Urban Solar:
The New European Bauhaus Initiative

Ralf Wehrspohn (Professor, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg)

Policy and Support Project Status of Urban Solar
Jinhan Ahn (Team Leader, Korea Energy Agency)

BIPV Invigoration for Carbon neutrality
Cheol Kim (Principal Researcher, Seoul Energy Corporation)

Cases and Market Trends of BIPV
Kyujin Kim (Director, Korea Conformity Laboratories)


Fire Safety of BIPV: Canada Experience
Yoon Ko (Fire Engineer, Scientist, National Research Council Canada(NRCCC))

Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

SESSION Ⅸ – Future Technologies for Urban Solar/ BIPV [Online Only]

Moderator : Veronika Shabunko, Business Development Manager, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore, National University of Singapore Jihye Gwak, Director of Renewable Energy Institute, KIER

COLOR is the new BLACK
Philip Kwang (Director, Façade Global Master Pte Ltd)

The vertical energy transition - turning building envelopes ON
Merklein Hans-Peter (Managing Director, ENVELON)

Bring color to your buildings and aim for energy autonomy
Frederic Clauss (COO, Solaxess SA)

Wide Range BIPV Solutions for Building Envelope
Karthik Pillai (Manager, AGC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd)

The most suitable BIPV solar module: “SKALA®”
Gi Sung LEE (Senior Manager, AVANCIS Korea)

BIPV in Architecture
Tjerk Reijenga (Principal & Chief Architect, BEAR-iD)

Architecture with BIPV European experience
Astrid Schneider (Architect, Solar Architecture)

Architecture with BIPV Denmark Experience
Karin Kappel (Architect, Solar City Denmark)

BIPV - Façade Design Possibilities and Practical Experience
Eric Langenskiöld (Senior Expert Photovoltaik, Basel & Hofmann AG)

Session Closing

*Session IX (Future Technologies for Urban Solar/ BIPV) is hosted online only.
* Please note that the schedule and venue may be subject to change due to circumstances of conference secretariat.